Sara is an experienced singing teacher with 15 years professional teaching practice and knowledge.  She has built-up an in-depth understanding of vocal production physiology so can quickly diagnose how to assist and progress her students’ singing development.  Lessons are for all ages and abilities.

Her lessons will help you to build healthy vocal techniques, developing range, strength, and confidence in all contemporary music genres, ie Pop, RnB, Jazz, Gospel and Musical Theatre.

She is based in North London and has a busy teaching studio offering private one to one and small group lessons for adults and children, both In-Person and Online.

In addition to Singing Lessons, she offers Piano Lessons, Musical Theory & Musical Aptitude testing courses.

Who are Sara’s students?

  • You may be a highly nervous beginner
  • a budding performer
  • sing in a choir or band and want to develop your vocal skills
  • preparing for an audition, want to brush up on particular skills etc.
  • Maybe you have never sung in public before but would like to sing at a special family function?
  • Sara’s lessons will cover basic to advanced singing techniques, ensuring that your voice develops to its full potential and working together to achieve your vocal goals.

She has three specialist areas of teaching:

(1) Jazz/Rnb/Gospel improvisational singing techniques.  For example, learn how to build your ability to sing licks or scat in response to the music.

(2) Harmony Skills.  For instance, if you want to sing in a choir or group, developing your knowledge of what harmony actually is will definitely impact upon your ability to learn and sing in harmony.

(3) Confidence Building. By drawing upon her own experiences of overcoming a crippling lack of singing & performing confidence, Sara now helps her students to build up and develop their own singing confidence.

Please contact Sara to discuss what you would like to achieve from singing lessons and have a look at the bookings page to decide which type of lesson you would like.  Testimonials below.




Ebiere Music

For many years I had no formal vocal training and so I struggled with my voice, until last year, when I decided it was necessary to get a vocal coach. I walked into a dance school to make enquiries for dance classes for my daughter and somehow stumbled into Sara’s publicity material. She worked with me on my voice to restore my tone, confidence and now I am performing, feeling great and enjoying my professional career as a Gospel Artist! Thank you so much Sara!


‘Sara has so much to give which she does unreservedly! A great teacher and amazing person, you’ll be lucky to work with her. I’d have no hesitation in having singing lessons with Sara. They are informative, inspirational and highly rewarding. She is also an excellent workshop facilitator and choir leader with a vast repertoire base and brilliant, clever song arrangements. I hope you have the chance to work with her!” – Helen Astrid Singing Academy


My experience with Sara doesn’t relate directly to singing lessons. I was looking for someone to help me start a fundraising choir for Cancer Research and she answered an advertisement on a local networking site. Sara has been amazing in the work that she has put in to plan the music for our now thriving choir, The Big Choir London, and we have just set up a second session due to it’s, and Sara’s, popularity. The harmonies have been excellent and she gives great technical advice to our members to help them progress to the next level. Our warm-ups are great fun and overall I see our members and our choir going from strength to strength thanks to Sara’s commitment. I couldn’t have done this without her! She’s friendly, professional and motivated. I almost forgot, she has an amazing voice too!


I play guitar and although I have never wanted to be a professional performer, I wanted to feel that my voice was at least ‘decent’. Sara has helped, and continues to help, me develop my tone, confidence and range. I thought that as an adult beginner I couldn’t improve my voice, but her patience and encouragement has really helped me to achieve my goals!


“Sara really helped me find and develop my voice, in a gentle, patient and encouraging way. She creates a relaxed informal atmosphere, which makes learning to sing fun. I am now regularly singing in public, thanks to the confidence Sara helped to give me. Performing is now such a buzz and it has increased my confidence in general. Thank you Sara!”


Sara is a true professional who blends theory & practice in a perfect way. I’ve been so impressed with her approach, my confidence and learning continues to grow. Highly recommended and very fortunate for some one of Sara’s calibre to offer singing lessons so local to me.


April, 2019.  Sara has an immediate knack for setting you at ease with her humour and positivity.  She challenges me to get out of my comfort zone with exercises and scales – she genuinely believes that everyone can sing and her passion for music is evident.  My singing has improved, as has my confidence, and I really look forward to our lesson every week.  Book a lesson, you wont regret it!